SA’s Top 5 Most Exciting Startups 2018

Nominate Your Entry For SA’s Top 5 Most Exciting Startups 

Last year saw the inaugural launch of this celebratory award at the penultimate Heavy Chef event of 2017. The five winners were Sweepsouth, Wala, Zoona, Yoco and JUMO. Of those five winners, JUMO and Yoco have gone on to become two of the most famous startups out of Africa, growing rapidly throughout South Africa, Africa and emerging economies globally. Who will win this year?

Enter your nomination below.

Nominations have closed! Yeehaa!

We’re tallying up the entries. Our academy of adjudicators (super important peeps in the HC community) are poring through all the candidates and we’re making a call on Monday. Look out for the winners on Tuesday next week. Wooo hoooo!


  1. You can nominate as many entrants as you like.

  2. The entries will be tallied and added to a master list. This list will be shared with a panel of ten judges from ecosystem partners in the South African startup sector.

  3. The final list of five will be checked by representatives at Nedgroup Investments and Heavy Chef will announce the winners via newsletter.

  4. Woop!